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Fièrement conçu et fabriqué au Canada.
Fabriqué au Canada.

Xceed Your Reach at OCE Discovery

Cheelcare was featured in the finance section of Yahoo Canada while participating in the Accessibility Innovation Showcase at OCE Discovery. The reach of the chair to have conversations with users up to 6 feet tall was remarked upon in their video. The side to side tilt, the reclining backrest, and anterior as well as posterior tilt features of the chair are also shown here. Jen talks about how the self leveling feature of the chair is exceptionally helpful on sidewalks, which aren’t really flat. This typically strains powerchair users lower back with frequent impact and movement to one side based on the side of the road they are driving on. With the Xceed’s self-leveling function and improved suspension, the lower back of the user remains protected and stable when riding on uneven terrain.


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