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Proudly Designed and Manufactured in Canada.
Made in Canada.

Cheelcare Xceed

Advanced Robotic AI-Connected Electric Wheelchair

Merging Beauty and Function

The Xceed's modern, appealing aesthetic takes its inspiration from natural life. Its smooth, no-gap surface eases lateral transfers and docking, as well as perfectly integrates features like the front and rear LED lights and concealed storage compartments. 

 Plus, it comes in a wide range of colours.

Innovative Design

Cheelcare Xceed
Four Independent Legs 
Patented design replicates natural movements, allowing the user to achieve an almost limitless number of positions for maximum comfort. 

Active Suspension for a smooth ride

Backrest with anti-shearing mechanism protects sensitive skin

Articulated powered legrest
Raises and lowers for personalized comfort

Self-adjusting casters
The casters always stay vertical. 

Lightweight construction
Lightweight frame structure, lighter and more efficient motor and batteries.





Automatic levelling on inclined surfaces provides users with safe and comfortable navigation.

Legrest Elevation & Backrest Recline

The articulated powered legrest extends while elevating, protecting the knees and hips.

The reclining backrest and elevating legrest allow a full flat position.

Pivoting Armrest

The pivoting armrest combined with the power chair height adjustment and lateral tilt facilitate transfers.

Multidirectional Tilt

Posterior & Anterior tilt

Posterior tilt allows pressure points relief, skin protection and blood circulation management.

Anterior tilt facilitates front pivot transfers and reduces risk of trauma for caregivers.

Lateral Tilt

Lateral tilt together with height adjustments and pivoting armrests ease lateral transfers.

Adjustable Height

Cruise at your preferred height, then adjust according to your daily activities.


Access high shelves and communicate eye-to-eye with a standing person.


Reach down to floor level. Interact with children, pets, plants.


Adjust elevation to accommodate for different tables’ height.

Modern Technology

Cheelcare Xceed
Brushless gear motors
Lighter and more efficient motors. 

Lithium-Ion batteries
Greener, lighter batteries are safe, charge faster, have a longer shelf life and have an increased range. 

High-resolution ultra-bright display with capacitive touch
Choice of speeds, preset preferred positions. 

Industry standard I/O module allowing alternative and environment controls.

Multi-functional Attendant Control (optional)

Gives more independence to the user and safer control to the caregiver

Integrated Transit Tie-Down Points

Secure the power chair when in a vehicle.

Swing-away Joystick Mount

Swing away the joystick assembly when approaching a table.

Integrated Rear-View Camera

Integrated rear-view camera gives the user safer control when reversing.

Storage Compartments with USB charger

Keep small items at hand and safe. Charge your gadgets on the go using the integrated USB port.

Pricing & Delivery

Advanced Robotic AI-Connected Electric Wheelchair from $26,000 CAD. 
Cheelcare Xceed pricing varies based on your required functionality. Contact your local vendor for help ordering your Xceed. 

Our products are designed for faster manufacturing and shorter wait-times for customers. However, delivery of your customized Cheelcare Xceed will take 4-6 months, as each individual Xceed is built to the user's exact specifications. 

Customization Range

Cushion Width & Depth14”, 16”, 18”, 20”
Backrest Width & Depth16”, 18”, 20”
Armrest Height (adjustment)8“ – 11”
Legrest height (seat to heels) (adjustment)10” - 20”
ColorsBlack, orange, blue, silver

Technical Specs

Length with anti-tippers32” / 81 cm
Width24.9” / 63 cm
Seat-To-Floor (at elevated position)32” / 81 cm
Seat-To-Floor (at lowest level position)14” / 35.5 cm
Weight with batteries290 lbs / 130kg
Rear Tires3.00-8 (pneumatic or foam filled)
Front Tires8” (pneumatic or foam filled)
Legrest Angle85 - 180°
Recline angle0 - 90°
Tilt Angle0 - 45° Posterior / 0 - 45° Anterior
Lateral Tilt0 - 10°
Seat-To-Top of Headrest (elevated position)65” / 165 cm
Driving Range (2 batteries / full charge)45 km
Maximum Speed12 km/h
Speed Settings10 settings
Drive SystemRWD
Turning Radius25” / 63.5 cm
Max Obstacle Height3-4” / 7.6-10 cm
Chair Ground Clearance3.5 - 11” / 9 - 28 cm
Braking SystemElectromagnetic with mechanical release
Max Weight Capacity300 lbs / 136 kg
Battery48V 20Ah
Charger7A Charger
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