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Proudly Designed and Manufactured in Canada.
Made in Canada.


Robotic Complex Rehab Power Wheelchair
Defying Ordinary

Designed for You

Reach New Heights

Auto Levelling
Increase your safety and Curio's performance with the onboard self-levelling capabilities. Never worry about uneven surfaces or uncomfortable riding positions.

Best-in-class elevation gets you as low as 12 inches to the ground or as high as 32 inches. A total of 20 inches of travel!

Posterior / Anterior Tilt
Curio can tilt up to 40 degrees forward and backward for pressure relief and transfers.

Lateral Tilt
Benefit from side-to-side tilting with lateral tilting abilities up to 10 degrees each side.

Compatible with Your Equipment Needs

Alternative Drive Controls
Curio is built on the LiNX System for cross-compatibility with most control systems, including sip-and-puff, head array, joystick, and manual buttons.

Rail-Track Mounting
Curio's rail track mounting system allows virtually any seating or rehab equipment to be mounted to either side of the body, under the armrests, or on the back for maximum flexibility.

Safety & Convenience Accessories
Curio has multiple accessory packages to increase safety and convenience including AWARE Rear-View camera systems, USB charging ports, lighting systems, and stability options.

Do you have any questions?

What seating can I install on Curio?
Curio can fit cushions from 16 to 20 inches in width and 16 to 20 inches in depth. It can accommodate any backrest seating system installed onto 1" tubes or mounted onto the rail track system up to 20 inches wide, making Curio compatible with nearly all seating options and brands.
How fast can Curio travel?
Curio can travel up to 6mph or 5mph for Curio HD
How much does Curio weigh?
Curio weighs less than 190 lbs, making it easy to transport and travel with.
What kind of battery does Curio use?
Curio uses the latest in Lithium-ion batteries to deliver maximum range with the least amount of onboard weight. It has a range of about 28 miles!
How much does Curio cost?
Depending on the configuration, Curio costs between $29,000 and $31,000 USD. Seating, alternative controls, and accessories are additional. Curio is undergoing testing for FDA registration and will be submitted for Medicaid and Medicare coding in the summer of 2023.
What's with the front wheels?!
Curio uses state-of-the-art omni-wheels instead of front casters. This delivers greater stability when going over curbs or obstacles, and eliminates the impediment of swinging casters when turning.

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