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Apply to become an Affiliate Marketing Partner to get your discount code and start earning rewards.

Your Followers Save

SAVE 10% on their order AND get Free Shipping

You Earn Commission

From 20% to 30% in Commission on Sales

How It works

Submit your application

Review the Affiliate Marketing Program Agreement and complete your application for our team to review.

Become an approved affiliate

Once your eligibility is confirmed, we will send you your unique discount code.

Promote your discount code

Promote our products with the help of your discount code. We have some marketing tools to help you.

Earn rewards for every sale

For every sale generated through your discount code, you will earn rewards.

frequently asked questions

How do I apply
Applying is easy. Read the Affiliate Marketing Agreement, and apply to become an affiliate at the form linked below. Once you submit it to us, our team will review it to ensure you're eligible.
Who's eligible
To join our Affiliate Marketing Program, you must be a 18 years old, or the age of majority within the territory you reside, a citizen of the United States or Canada, and attest that no laws prohibit you from earning rewards for sales within your channels. Only individuals may join our Affiliate Marketing Program. Companies, LLCs, or other incorporated bodies are not eligible to join.

You must also demonstrate your ability to promote our products through existing sales channels already available to you.

Most importantly, you must agree to the terms and conditions of the Affiliate Marketing Program Agreement.
How long does it take for approval
Our team will review the information you submitted and provide you with an answer as soon as possible. Timelines may vary based on number of applications.
What can I earn rewards for
Currently, the only products that are eligible to be discounted and rewarded through our Affiliate Marketing Program are Companion and AWARE.

Affiliate discounts and rewards are only available for sales placed directly online at or They cannot be combined with any other offers. The Affiliate Marketing Program currently does not extend to any resellers.
Where can I promote my code
You can promote your code anywhere (you're legally allowed to, of course!). You can promote it on business cards, on your vehicle, add it to your LinkTree, or email it out to friends. 

We just ask that wherever and however you promote it, that you follow the Dos and Don'ts of the Affiliate Marketing Program.
Can I get a discount on products too?
Affiliate Marketing Partners have access to unique product discounts. Affiliates can contact our Director of Marketing for affiliate pricing. Affiliates cannot use their own discount codes.

Ready to become an affiliate?

Have questions?

Contact our Marketing Team
1-888-948-2680 x200
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